Essential reference for New Zealand enthusiasts Educational A3 poster showing the stars, clusters and galaxies of the southern skies in an easy-to-use format. Depicts the night sky in autumn, as seen from 37° South (New Zealand and southern Australia, South Afri... read more

Star Chart of the Southern Skies

From the bestselling author of Eating Animals and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - a brilliant, fresh take on climate change and what we can do about it Climate crisis is the single biggest threat to human survival. And it is happening r... read more

We are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast

Nature's Explorers celebrates the individuals who made great personal endeavours to document the natural world. Superb artworks and photographs spanning three centuries have been chosen to illustrate each essay. From grou... read more

Nature's Explorers - Adventurers Who Recorded the Wonders of the Natural World

Rise & Resisttakes a wild trip through the new activism sweeping the world. The political march is back in a big way, as communities rally to build movements for environmental and social justice. But today?s context calls for increasingly creative st... read more

Rise and Resist - How to Change the World

EXPANDED AND REVISED A comprehensive handbook to the planets, stars and constellations visible from the southern hemisphere. 6 pages for each month covering Jan... read more

2020 Guide to the Night Sky - Southern Hemisphere - A Month-by-Month Guide to Exploring the Skies above Australia, New Zealand and South Africa



Cloudspotter and bestselling author Gavin Pretor-Pinney delivers a moment of calm atmospheric contemplation to members of his Cloud Appreciation Society by sharing a cloud image and story every day. A Cloud a Day urges all of us to keep our heads in the clouds with 365 fascinating for... read more

A Cloud a Day
$39.99(NZD) inc GST



Humans share the Earth with more than 10,000 species of birds and have always been enchanted by them. Birds can be a sign of the changing seasons, a symbol of freedom, or simply a breathtaking vision of beauty.
Remarkable Birds approaches these fascinating creatures thematica... read more

Remarkable Birds

Are you confused by all the different parenting advice on how to discipline your child? Have you been trying a variety of different methods for years that don't really work or feel uncomfortable to use - or are you just starting out on the pa... read more

Listen to Me! - Taking the Conflict Out of Child Discipline

For many of us, the subject of money is unavoidably stressful. Managing our personal finances is complicated, time-consuming and often, particularly in the slow countdown to payday, dispiriting. The good news is that in Japan - where a ... read more

Happy Money: The Zen Path to a Happier and More Prosperous Life
$38.00(NZD) inc GST



The remarkable story of the heroic effort to save and preserve Afghanistan's wildlife-and a culture that derives immense pride and a sense of national identity from its natural landscape. Postwar Afghanistan is fragile, volatile, and perilous. It is also a place of ex... read more

The Snow Leopard Project
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Introducing and explaining some of the most poignant Japanese words, Wabi-Sabi is a lifestyle as well as a language book. From the wistful poetry of mono-no-aware, a word that asks us to recognize the bittersweet transience of all things, to the quie... read more

Ikigai and Other Japanese Words to Live By

'The remarkable story of an astounding transformation' George Monbiot, author of Feral.In Wilding, Isabella Tree tells the story of the 'Knepp experiment', a pioneering rewilding project in West Sussex, using free-roaming grazing animals to create new ... read more

Wilding:The Return to Nature of a British Farm
$24.99(NZD) inc GST