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Three authors from Cloud Ink Press walk into a bookshop: Tina Shaw, Kerry Harrison and Kirsty Powell

Wardini Books Havelock North, Wednesday 14th July, 6pm

Join authors Tina, Kirsty and Kerry for an evening of chat around what makes a good book, what they've been writing about and what's going on in their writerly worlds. Read on for info on their latest books:
The Strength of Eggshells by Kirsty Powell
She’s six feet tall and handles a motorbike like a professional, but Kate has insecurities that match her height and she ignores her past by pushing her fingers into her ears.
Why did her mother Jane only communicate through poetry? What became of her grandmother Meredith who travelled up the Whanganui River on a paddle steamer to marry a returned soldier in an ill-fated valley, beyond the Bridge to Nowhere? And what should Kate do about her own two-pointed love triangle? Somewhere out there are the answers; out where only her motorbike can take her.
The Strength of Eggshells explores the lives of strong rural New Zealanders, set against the fragile isolation of a farm upbringing, two world wars and a landscape that is inevitably slipping beyond reach.
Hold The Line by Kerry Harrison
It’s 1981 and New Zealand is about to host the Springboks from apartheid South Africa for a national rugby tour. The well-supported protest movement pitches against a nation of die-hard rugby supporters. Despite growing public protest, the Government and Rugby Union are adamant the tour will proceed.
Beth returns from London. Her World War 2 veteran father is a rugby fanatic, her brother becomes a protestor embroiled in street violence. She studies law and meets Viktor who, unknown to her, is a member of the notorious Police Red Squad. What will happen to their polarised relationship in a country where the very survival of civil order is at risk?
Ephemera by Tina Shaw
Ruth has always led a sheltered life. Pre-Crash, she worked as an Ephemera Librarian, now she is managing a simple, self-sufficient lifestyle. But her sister is dying from tuberculosis and her love for Juliana propels Ruth to undertake a perilous journey.
She intrepidly sets off from Auckland to find the man known as Nelson and his rumoured stockpile of pharmaceutical drugs. Word has it he is based at the old Huka Lodge. Along with the handsome Lance Hinckley and enigmatic Adebowale Ackers, Ruth travels by steamboat up the Waikato River – the only practical way. It is a journey not only in knots and nautical miles, but in Ruth’s understanding of this new society and what has gone before.
Ephemera is set several years after a global meltdown which has devastated the world. New Zealand is in a technological lock-down.


Launch of Heartfelt Magic by Jacqui Hartley-Smith

Wardini Books Havelock North, Thursday 15th July, 6pm


Do join us to celebrate the launch of this beautiful book. All welcome.
Do you wonder where you 'fit' with what is going on around you?
Do you sometimes feel life has led you down the wrong track?
Find your right path through this amazing journey of life.
Authored by Jacqui Hartley-Smith, Heartfelt Magic is a look at life's experiences through the lens of nature; a snapshot of how nature shows you in very subtle ways how to change habits, survive storms, welcome new growth, discover true fulfilment and live from your heart.
Nature can be gentle and so extremely tough,
By design there will be reasons why you feel rough.
Strong foundations for life are created from you,
Find self-love and be guided in all that you do.
Dormant seeds are nurtured for a new life to abound,
Bird song fills the air with a symphony of sound.
The sun rises and then sets on any given day,
Let the beauty of nature guide you on your way.
Look for the signs and symbols all around you; dance with the shapes created by dappled sunlight through the trees, be enticed, inspired and motivated to live the Heartfelt Magic of your soul.
Jacqui Hartley-Smith is a passionate writer and guide for those seeking change in their life.

Amy's Pop Up Young Adult Book Club

Wardini Books Havelock North, Saturday 24th July, 5pm


Join our Amy to share news and views on the most amazing, heartbreaking, joyous and thrilling young adult titles in the whole wide world.
There will be snacks! And friends (BYO or make some new ones)! And warmth and loveliness.
See you then.

Women's Health Evening with Dr Samantha Newman

Wardini Books Napier, Wednesday 28th July, 6pm

Dr Samantha Newman has found herself recommending certain books on aspects of women’s health and identifying a need for information and support in her community.
Come along and ask Samantha those gnarly questions - what the hell is perimenopause anyway? - and see what great books are available, just for women and our particular set of health questions.
Wardini Books NAPIER
All welcome
Nice soothing teas!

Wardini Books Napier 5th Birthday Party!

Wardini Books Napier, Friday 6th August, 6pm

Wardini Books Napier is turning 5 years old!
Join us for chats, strolls around beautiful bookshelves, a mulled wine, magical happenings, conversationsand a couple of mind blowingly fabulous tunes from world musos, Ish.
Everyone is welcome. Please come party with us!